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We are manufacturing prime quality PVC Leather products that add elegance with class. Many of us are in style, and being in style often takes decent and alluring stuff.

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Check out our premium Range of PVC Leather clothes, artificial and synthetic leather


We manufactures vinyl for automotive industry in. Here PVC vinyl clothing is being used as upholstery in automotive seat-covers, door covers, dashboards and many areas related to automotive parts. Click on Learn More to check our product range.


Our footwear Leather being used as soles for boots, leather shoe lining, etc are made long lasting with style and comfortable . This is the next industry after upholstery, that is rich in rendering various types of vinyl skins.


We are rich in offering its customers, coated vinyl textile fabric to any industry. In the list of most common vinyl users are luggage industry. Various elegant designed, colored and textured skins for luggage are manufactured.


We render its Vinyl to almost each industry including Stationery, manufactured in Delhi. In daily use stationery, it is being useful in files, folders, writing case covers, menu cards and many more. Click on Learn More to check our product range.

Furnishing/ Decoration Industry

We deals in furnishing vinyl for decorating purposes. Vinyl for furnishing usually composed of PVC leather cloth or PVC coated textile. It makes eyes alluring of best style and comfort. Click on Learn More to check our product range.


We also supply vinyl skins to World’s Sports Industries. Many sports goods products are made up of leather. It applied on sports goods items renders comfort grip. Artificial leather on sports goods like: Soccer balls, Cricket leg guards, etc.¬†Click on Learn More to check our product range.


Vinyl is made up of PVC leather cloth, Synthetic leather, PVC coated fabric and faux leather. Vinyl fabric and textiles are being used for manufacturing various designer and styled garments like Jackets, Overcoats, Belts, Trousers, etc. Click on Learn More to check our product range.


The most unusual use of vinyl is in upholstery. Upholstery is the one spot that attracts every eye with its class and style. It holds everything that is required to give your place an elegant look along with rendering full-comfort. Click on Learn More to check our product range.

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